Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Boston Scott Golf Apparel was created by our the love for the game of golf and the journey of a young golfer. Boston Scott Hoffman picked up a golf club at the age of two and immediately began changing lives around him on and off the course. Along his journey in the game of golf he grew to enjoy the etiquette and dressing like he belonged every step of the way. After searching for unique brands that support junior golfers with little to no success he turned to his father to make him clothing to wear on and off the course to support his love for the sport.

Our company was founded in 2017. Supporting Men's and Junior's golf apparel on and off the course. Focusing on fit and feel became an obsession. Finding out where the industry has fallen short in mass production and addressing these key areas has made us a great all around selection for all aspects of golf clothing and apparel. This father son golf journey into the sport and fashion is spoken about by many but Boston Scott Golf is determined to set new standards and let the story live on for generations to come.